Mid-City Community Chorus

Rehearsals/performances are on-hold until COVID-19 restrictions are recinded.

Serving the New Orleans community – spreading a message of hope and love through music. The MCC is committed to outreach; providing support through our music, for people in need.

Put that voice to work!

The Mid-City Community Chorus (MCC) is sponsored by St. John Lutheran Church and has no membership dues. Our mission is twofold: 

1.)   The MCC will sing with the St. John Chorale for occasional celebrations at St. John Lutheran Church.

2.)   The MCC is committed to outreach; providing support for people in need (i.e. homeless people, the poor and hungry, domestic violence victims, the disenfranchised and other people in need of help.) We sing for fundraising, awareness and other events around the New Orleans area in support these efforts. MCC performs for non-political events only.

The musical repertoire ranges from simple to complex and includes multicultural ecclesiastical music and multicultural secular music with themes of social justice. At the bottom of this page are links to several example pieces.  Click and enjoy!

All are welcome!

If you love to sing, were in choir in the past, or would like to give it a try for the first time – this is a great place for you! We have designed this choral program to support all musical skill levels; from beginner to more advanced vocalists. You will have everything you need to enable you to fully participate music-making. 

Each singer will be asked to sing a familiar song during a brief private interview to get a sense for vocal range and timbre. You may be asked to sing a vocal exercise depending on need and you will be asked to share your singing experience. 

When and where are rehearsals?

The full chorus meets for rehearsals twice a month at St. John. The full chorus rehearsal time is focused on overall sound; blend, dynamics, articulation, etc. As those who have been in choirs know, a lot of rehearsal time can be spent learning the notes but it’s works betting if everyone comes as prepared as possible. When we are together; we sing! (It’s a lot more fun.) To make this possible our rehearsal strategy is divided into three parts: 

1.)   Rehearsal recordings: Rehearsal recordings will be provided for each part along with the music. Each singer will be expected to spend ample time listening and learning their part outside of chorus rehearsals.

2.)   Practice sessions: For those who are new to music and singing, optional practice sessions are scheduled. We meet at St. John to learn individual parts and spend time learning about the language of music and vocal production. 

3.)   Chorus rehearsals: Full chorus rehearsals are scheduled, and all are expected to attend prepared to sing their part. Each rehearsal begins with 10-15 minutes of vocal warm-ups and exercises. We move from there to work on repertoire for upcoming events and new music that we are adding. Rehearsals are 80 minutes long – we will start and finish time. 

About the director:

Ty Henderson grew up in Kansas City and has called New Orleans home since 2015. He is the Director of Music for St. John Lutheran Church and keeps a studio where he teaches piano and vocal students. Ty studied piano, organ and voice as an undergraduate at the Conservatory at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. He is currently finishing his Master of Music degree at The University of New Orleans. For more than 30 years Ty has directed, accompanied and sung in church and civic choirs. 

Samples of Music that will be sung:

How Can I Keep From Singing arranged by Rob Dietz

The Time for Turning by Craig Courtney, Pamela Stewart https://www.lorenz.com/choral/church/the-time-for-turning-2

Faith is the bird that feels the light by Elizabeth Alexander https://www.seafarerpress.com/works/faith-is-the-bird-that-feels-the-light

The second movement of Kindling: Small Reflections on a Limitless Faith, Pages by Elizabeth Alexander https://www.seafarerpress.com/works/pages

Justice by Rollo Dilworth https://www.jwpepper.com/Justice/10364824.item#/submit

Freedom Is Coming / Hamba Vangeli traditional / by Alexander L'Estrange

My Voice is Small by Kurt Knecht https://musicspoke.com/downloads/my-voice-is-small/

Wade in the Water arr. Rob Dietz - Lawson-Gould https://www.jwpepper.com/Wade-in-the-Water/10752454.item#/

Peace, Salaam, Shalom by Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow https://blog.chorusconnection.com/league-of-voices-for-equality-repertoire-for-social-justice


(What If isn’t yet published in any format – but as soon as it is...)
What if by Eric Whitacre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRC3KUPAMp8

hope, faith, life, love by Eric Whitacre

Lift Every Voice and Sing by Craig Courtney

Open My Heart