What to Expect

When you worship at St. John we want you to experience two things:  The love that Jesus has for you right now and the love we wish to show you from now on.  

These are rooted in "The Great Exchange," where Jesus took our place so that we could be forgiven, and "The Greatest Commandment" that Jesus gave us; to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.  Without love there would not be a church.

Therefore, do not expect to be judged on your appearance when you enter the church.  You may dress as you feel appropriate.  Some in attendance will be dressed more casually and some will be dressed more formally.  

Secondly, while there are many Lutheran churches in the area, we know that Lutheranism is not very prevalent in the deep South.  Many first-time worshipers who are Roman Catholic see the liturgical similarities between the Mother Church and the Lutheran service--Martin Luther was Roman Catholic, after all.  First-time worshipers from an Evangelical or Non-Denominational background appreciate our commitment to preaching and teaching solely on the basis of the Bible and, specifically, the words, actions, and ministry of Jesus.

Thirdly, you might be asked to do more than worship!  If so, don't be afraid.  We aren't just looking for "new recruits." However, in our faith tradition, once someone has been given faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ, they immediately look for ways to serve him and those around them and to be as generous with their whole life as they possibly can.  When you feel that you too are at that place in your relationship with Jesus we invite you to join the fun and excitement of ministry just as soon as you can.

The Seasons at St. John

As part of our focus on Creating a Better Worship Experience, Communication, and Prayer at St. John, our Worship Committee provides descriptions and a calendar for the seasons. The seasonal communications are linked below. 

LENT 2020


LENT 2021