Let's put the pedal to the metal to get back on track!

We've gotten a bit behind in our giving this year while we have been very focused on all sorts of exciting ministry.  By drawing attention to this deficit, we hope to close the gap in July and August.

Will you be able to make an extra gift during this eight-week period?  There are many ways we can attain our goal (see graphic to the right), and all gifts are helpful.  By catching up to our budgeted giving levels, we free up cash reserves that are necessary to start needed repairs to the church to stop water from leaking in, destroying the masonry of our brick and plaster sanctuary.

  • Click on the "Electronic Giving" page of the "Support and Gifts' tab on this website.
  • Send a check to the office (memo: Drive for 55)
  • Place your gift in the offering plate on any given Sunday.