Crete and Santorini are our destinations today.  Crete is where Paul and Titus separated for a time when Paul gave him instructions for appointing church leaders in the towns.  Paul appealed to Ceasar while in Jerusalem and was sent to Rome.  On the way there were ship-wrecked after departing Crete and landed on Malta.

Read Acts27:13-44  There are no epistles to the churches on Crete.

We pray:

Heavenly Father, when we are far from home, outside our comfort zone, or surrounded by the enemy, never let us loose sight of you and let us cling to you as we weather the storm. As you gave Paul a vision for safety and well-being, let us also know confidence in your saving hand and share that confidence with those around us as Paul did during his harrowing journey to Rome. Lord, have mercy.  Hear our prayer.