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Welcome to 4th Grade!


Fourth grade is an exciting year in the elementary school¬†world! During this year, students are becoming abstract thinkers and learners. Children in fourth grade also make a huge leap in social and emotional maturation. It is truly a joy to work with these ‚ÄúYoung Einsteins!‚ÄĚ


           Faith is the basis and framework of our school, as I feel it should be in our lives. Daily religion and prayer is exercised in our classroom to encourage and develop a lifelong love and relationship with Christ. We also participate in weekly chapel services.


          Our curriculum tools include Pearson Reading Street and Go Math. These curriculas provide a well-rounded, solid educational program covering the Louisiana state standards and beyond.

Here are some highlights of the concepts and skills covered in our curriculum:

        ·Reading: A strong focus on abstract and higher-order comprehension strategies including: drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, theme, and figurative language

         ·Math: Division, Multiplication, adding and subtracting fraction and decimal numbers, and graphing skills

  ·Language Arts: Strong focus on learning about and applying the parts of speech, as well as learning and further developing multiple types of writing styles

        ·Social Studies: A focus on the different regions within the United States, including state location memorization

        ·Science: A strong emphasis in the different studies of the sciences including life science, earth science, and physical science

        ·Enrichment: Weekly experiences in computer, library and art.

Classroom Structure

          As children learn in many different ways, the 4th grade classroom offers a variety of different teaching styles and techniques. We participate in class discussions, small and large group activities, independent practice, learning through music and movement, as well as through drawing and writing. 


     Communication is key! I value communicating with students, their families, and other members on staff at St. John. Each week a weekly newsletter is sent home entailing information about things that have occurred in the classroom, as well as things that are to come. I welcome phone calls, emails, and written correspondence with parents.