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Preschool Class

Welcome to Preschool! We love to learn through play and discover how much Jesus loves us!


In our Jesus time, our curriculum leads us through all the major Bible stories. The main thing we are learning is how much God loves everyone and wants us to follow Him! We practice following Him throughout our whole day. 


Our Curriculum for religion is “One in Christ.” During any given week, we will have a letter to learn, a number, a color, and many other things. Most of our curriculum is play. Each day we have the opportunity to play with friends, which teaches our social skills. We have many chances to learn how to resolve conflict, and how to love each other. 

A daily routine is so important for 3-year-olds!  Our routine includes a mixture of individual, large group and small group activities, as well as a balance of active and quiet activities.

Circle Time: includes the Pledges to the American and Christian flags, an opening prayer, calendar and weather activities and an introduction to the theme for the day.  Each child is greeted individually and given an opportunity to share some news with us.

Learning Centers: include Library, Dramatic Play, Art, Blocks, Manipulatives and Science.  The children not only exercise their social-emotional skills when playing with others but the centers include opportunities for small muscle development and math and language activities.  Each day, the child will do a project or play a game with the teacher, sometimes with other children.  In addition to the longer Center time in the morning, there are shorter Center times after lunch and afternoon snack.


Jesus Time: includes singing, prayers and the Bible story.  On Wednesdays, we go to chapel with our Pastor  and the rest of the school.

Outside Time: is so important for young children.  We try to have at least 40 minutes of outside time every day.  Activities include playing on the playground equipment but also sand table, water table, musical instruments, drawing with sidewalk chalk and digging in the mulch!

Lunch: We enjoy lunch in our classroom.  This is an important time of working on our manners, learning mealtime prayers and having conversations with our friends.

Story Time: A book is chosen that fits in with the theme for the day.  Impromptu story times with one or more students also happen throughout the day.

Nap Time

Afternoon Snack

Music: We sing, dance, play act and have fun!  We listen for different instruments, clap rhythms and exercise our brains with motions to songs.

Dismissal: At the end of the day, we tell each other good bye and do a quiet activity together as we wait for parents. 

Parent-Teacher-School Communication Procedure

The teacher communicates with Parents daily. Each child has a take home folder with a chart. Each day, parents receive feedback as to how their child’s day went. Parents can also use this folder to send messages to the teacher. Messages can also be sent on the school’s communication website, FastDirect.