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Welcome to Second Grade!


Second grade is an exciting year!  The students are becoming independent  readers and building on skills they've learned in First Grade.  They also learn all sorts of new things!  


Religion/Faith life

In second grade, we use the Concordia Publishing House curriculum "One in Christ".  This curriculum covers both Old and New Testament stories and how God's messages then are still applicable to our lives today.  We also have several prayer times during the day; in the morning with the whole school, before lunch time, and at the end of the day.  We also close our day with a devotional reading.  Each Wednesday, we join the entire school in a time of praise and worship in Chapel.  


In Second grade we use "Reading Street" by Scott Foresman.  This curriculum meets common core standards and covers a variety of literary genres and skills.  These skills include reading for fluency and comprehension, building vocabulary, writing for a purpose and reinforcement of grammar concepts. 


Our Math curriculum is "Go Math" which also meets common core standards.  The curriculum includes place value, addition and subtraction facts, time, fractions, and multi-digit computation.  New concepts and problem solving skills are included in each day's lessons.  Many hands-on activities are used during the teaching process.


"Pearson" Phonics connects phonics skills with spelling skills.  The students learn how to spell and read words using phonics.


Our Language textbook is published by Harcourt.  Students learn grammar and parts of speech, as well as writing skills that include punctuation, capitalization and writing for various purposes.  We also use Strategies for Writers which meets common core standards.  We use this as a writing supplement to the Language curriculum.


Our Science textbook includes Life Science (plants, animals, people, habitats), Earth Science (the Earth, the solar system, weather), and Physical Science (matter, forces, motion and sound).

Social Studies

The Social Studies text is "My World" published by Pearson.  It explores communities, our Earth, working together, our country today and long ago, while emphasizing different map and geography skills.


We teach proper forms for printing letters in the first half of the year and start working on cursive letters during the second half of the year.
Enrichment Classes

Second grade students have Library, Zumba, and Art classes once a week.


Basic rules and class procedures are discussed and practiced at the beginning of the school year.  Daily behavior is monitored by a clip chart in the classroom on which their clip can move up for good behavior and rewards, or down for poor behavior and consequences.  A conduct grade is recorded at the end of the day.


A school newsletter and a class newsletter go home each week to keep parents informed of events at school and in the classroom.  A homework sheet is also sent home in the student's folder each day and is also posted on FastDirect.  FastDirect can also be used to view grades, see homework assignments, view memory work, or send messages to the teacher.  You may also contact the teacher directly by phone call or text.