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Upper Elementary: Grades 5 through 8

These are very exciting years during which students make the transition from elementary to middle school.  Each year, they learn to take on more responsibilities for themselves.  They will be more challenged in their school work and more time will need to be spent on homework.

It is also a time for their personalities to blossom and for their social skills to grow.  They will make mistakes, but there is no better place for them to learn and grown from their choices.


     The greatest responsibility and enjoyment of the staff at St. John is the ability to share the story of Jesus Christ.  The ability to share the faith is a daily activity whether it is in a class, prayer time, weekly chapel, or learning from our mistakes.  We pray that this sharing of the faith will instill a lifelong, personal relationship with Christ.


St. John’s curriculum is research-based and produced by publishers including Harcourt, Pearson, Scott Foresman and Zaner-Bloser.  These tools provide an exceptional program covering Louisiana State standards and beyond.

        Language Arts:  Students continue to develop fluency and expression as well as increase their comprehension skills in reading.  They review parts of speech and grammar and apply this knowledge to their writing.  Students further develop their speaking voice and their writing voice.  They practice writing for different purposes as well as writing in response to a specific source.

         Math:  Students continue to develop a higher understanding of mathematical operations using the "Go Math" methods of teaching.  They apply their knowledge of math facts and various types of numbers (whole, fractions, decimals, etc.) to solve problems and learn foundations of algebra and geometry.

         Social Studies:  The upper grade students focus on the history of the United States and of world civilizations.  They learn to distinguish between fact and opinion and determine an author’s point of view. Students learn to compare primary and secondary sources.  They also cover geography, economy, social factors, and political factors in the context of studying history.

        Science:   Students in fifth - eighth grades continue to broaden their knowledge of life science, physical science, and earth science as well as cover topics such as space.

Classroom Structure

     Children learn in several different ways; the upper grades team of teachers provides a variety of different teaching styles and techniques.  Students participate in class discussion, independent, small and large group activities, drawing and creating visuals for topics, the use of technology and real world problem-solving.


     Nothing in this world works without communication.  We encourage an open line of communication between school and home.  Secure messaging is provided with the FastDirect system.  School and class newsletters are sent home with students and are sent electronically straight to the parents each week.  This includes information about upcoming school and classroom events as well as topics covered in class.  Parents are encouraged to message or call teachers at school for any issue concerning their child.



Lunch Information


St. John Lutheran School offers a daily hot lunch program.  Students may either order lunch or bring lunch from home.   Our lunches are prepared and delivered by Revolution Foods  then served from our kitchen by our staff.  Free and reduced lunches are also available to those who qualify for this federal program.

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