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Welcome to 3rd Grade!


   Third grade is such an awesome year in elementary school! Children at this age are becoming more fluent readers, mathematicians, and are further developing their senses of humor and personalities! It is truly a joy to teach AND learn in the 3rd grade classroom at St. John!

   Daily religion and prayer is exercised in our classroom to encourage and develop a lifelong love and relationship with Christ. We also participate in weekly chapel services.

   Our curriculum includes "Pearson Reading Street" and "Go Math".  These and other curricula provide a well-rounded, solid educational program covering the Louisiana state standards and beyond.  

Reading: Development of vocabulary, fluency, and  higher-level comprehension skills (such as using cause and effect, main idea and supporting details, making inferences, and making predictions); Strong emphasis on using evidence from reading selections to support answers in writing

Math: Multiplication concepts, computation with fractions, story problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations, graphing skills, geometric concepts, and measurement

Language Arts: Strong focus on learning about and applying the parts of speech, as well as learning and developing multiple types of writing styles using rubrics

Social Studies: Louisiana State History (before, during, and after the Civil War), Louisiana Economics, Government, and Geography

Science: A strong emphasis in the different studies of the sciences including life science, earth science, and physical science

Enrichment: Weekly experiences in computer, library, physical education, and art.

Classroom Structure
   As children learn in many different ways, the 3rd grade classroom offers a variety of different teaching styles and techniques. Participation in class discussions, small and large group activities, independent practice, as well as drawing and writing are regularly incorporated in weekly lessons and activities. 

   Communication is key!  We value communicating with students, their families, and other members on staff at St. John. Each week, a weekly newsletter is sent home entailing information about things that have occurred in the classroom, as well as things that are to come. We welcome phone calls, emails, and written correspondence with parents.  FastDirect is our official school communication tool.